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Job Title: Battery Development Engineer

Job Reference #: 0416BDE052023

Job Location: Peoria, IL USA


Define validation requirements for battery systems, plan tests requiring innovative approaches, review results for design compliance, and oversee engineering evaluations of battery systems (including battery cell chemistry evaluation and selection). Plan innovative changes to existing designs or conceptual thinking to new designs. Recognize and document new intellectual property that differentiates products. Provide technical expertise and direction to Regulatory Team related to battery standards and regulations. Provide specifications and analysis for battery thermal management systems (BTMS). Develop and maintain an understanding of the battery management systems (BMS), including necessary operational analysis.

Basic Qualifications:

Engineering degree with 1-5 years of experience. Appropriate knowledge in the specialized areas of battery system development, drive systems (mechanical, electrical, and/or hydrostatic), and ISO and MSHA regulations. General knowledge of structural, electrical, and hydraulic systems. Design experience with Creo (preferred) or other 3D CAD software. Knowledge of construction/mining/forestry practices, serviceability and maintenance procedures, operator preferences, etc. must be incorporated into the designs.

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